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What is a Registered Naturopath?
A Registered Naturopath will be qualified in at least one therapy plus will have completed all the required elements of naturopathic training. Some Registered Naturopaths will have completed a specific naturopathy course that will entitle to use the qualifying letter ‘ND’ after their name.

What is an Associate Naturopath?
An Associate Naturopath will be qualified in at least one therapy and will have completed some of the required elements of naturopathic training. 

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Complaints Procedure - Professional Standards 

The General Naturopathic Council requires its members to uphold the highest professional standards and requires that its members should, as a minimum requirement, work within the National Occupational Standards for Naturopathy. 

The legal relationship between Naturopaths and their patients is contractual. Naturopaths agree to use the skill derived from their training and experience to take reasonable care when advising and, when appropriate, making therapeutic recommendations. In return, patients agree to pay a fee. The terms upon which patients are charged should always be agreed before a consultation. Should any dispute arise between a General Naturopathic Council member and a patient it is primarily the concern of the parties themselves. If it cannot be resolved between the parties, the General Naturopathic Council may be asked to offer assistance 


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