Who is on the General Naturopathic Council?

Listed here on this web-site you will find the regulatory organisations, the professional associations, the colleges and the universities who each currently have delegates on the General Naturopathic Council.
The current members of the GNC are listed below
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Membership Criteria
The GNC consists of organisations working on an equal footing and with agreed aims and Lay committee members to bring a consumer perspective. There shall be no individual practitioner membership of the GNC.

Organisations eligible for inclusion into the GNC as full members should:
a. Be a professional organisation with a functional UK based administrative office
b. Represent qualified Naturopaths, or therapists practising according to naturopathic philosophy
c. Require minimum criteria of qualification and training as laid down in the GNC Core Syllabus including
supervised practicum
d. Maintain a register of members
e. Verify that their members hold suitable professional indemnity and public liability insurance to practise

2. OR be Schools accredited by such GNC member organisations
3. Be able to demonstrate how the above criteria in 1. are implemented
4. Be accountable to and for its members
5. Have a membership database of at least 25 individual qualified and practising therapists
6. Be prepared to abide by the GNC Memorandum and Articles of incorporation, Rules and Code of Ethics,
Disciplinary and Complaints procedure and Continued Professional Development procedures
7. Acknowledge as the benchmark National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the practise of Naturopathy
8. The GNC shall determine the membership eligibility of applicant organisations and the councils' decision on
the granting or termination of membership shall be final
9. No organisation shall be considered a member of the GNC if it has failed to pay within such period as may
have been defined by the GNC, or as laid down within the Memorandum and Articles, such annual
subscription as may be set from time to time as being required for its membership
10. No organisation which is not financially solvent can be considered for or continue as a member of the GNC

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