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 Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths (ISRN) Established 1934

The ISRN is probably the oldest established Nature Cure societyin the UK and fosters the practice of Thomson Kingston Nature Cure.  Thomson, after by James C Thomson who brought Nature Cure to Scotland in 1909 after training under Dr Henry Lindlahr, and Kingston, after the ground-breaking residential Clinic in Edinburgh that was run by the extended Thomson family for some 50 years. (1938 – 1988)  Established in 1934 the ISRN was the register of the graduates of the Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics, (latterly run alongside the Kingston Clinic) as well as other practitioners who met the stringent by-laws of the society. 

Because this was the founding group for this approach to health in the UK, most other current Naturopathic associations share similar basic principle and practices, but there are subtle and important differences. 

One is that the routine prescribing of supplements is forbidden by the by-laws,the preference being for their patients to obtain their nutrition from naturally produced food sources.  Sadly, modern intensive food production has seen a reduction in the wholesomeness of some of our basic food staples, therefore needs can only be genuinely met through organic foods. 

The view on remedies, even if they are herbal, is that they are symptom treatments, just like any other medicine.  The TKNC philosophy is that true healing can only come from within, so to give the credit for recovery to the contents of a bottle takes away the essential belief in the self-healing powers of the body. 

Practitioners employ no mechanical devices; again it is all to easy for patients to give the credit for the improvement in their health to the appliance, not to the fundamental corrections to their lifestyles.

80 years on the ISRN still holds fast to these tenets. During the past century Thomson Kingston Publication have produced a wealth of literature on the TK approach.

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