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The Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA), the professional association for Nutritional Therapists who practice in accordance with naturopathic principles:

Our role is to support naturopathic nutrition in order to protect the safety and well-being of the public, and to provide the public with a Register of professionally trained, capable and insured Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists and Nutritional Therapists. We strive to maintain the highest possible educational and professional standards and have developed core elements to set minimum training standards.

There are three levels of membership: Full and Associate (Practitioner levels), and Student.

Full members are qualified to offer advice on diet, supplements and lifestyle and to formulate an effective therapeutic plan. He/she will have ben trained to recognise the progression of disease and will understand how to connect the sometimes diverse range of symptoms that can develop.

Associate is for Nutrition Advisors who are able to help individuals achieve and maintain optimal health using dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Practitioners have full insurance to practice and comply with the NNA’s Code of Ethics.

Student Membership is for those of 18 years of age or over who are enrolled as students of either Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy or Nutritional Therapy.

Membership and application details can be found on our How to apply for membership page.

Why is Naturopathic Nutrition so special?

Naturopathic nutrition is a holistic therapy that treats everyone as an individual, taking into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the whole person when assessing health problems. Naturopathic nutrition recognises food selection and preparation as a healing art that seeks to address imbalances in the body. By creating the most favourable conditions to stimulate and enhance the body’s natural healing power through diet, lifestyle and possibly supplementation, a naturopathic nutrition practitioner can help people with a range of health problems.

Naturopathic practitioners aim to seek out and advise on ways to remove or reduce the cause of disease, rather than simply suppressing the symptoms.  

We passionately believe in this holistic approach that shifts the view of healthcare from one focused on the management of symptoms to one that aims to improve health and wellbeing; it is one of the fundamental differences between the naturopathic approach and conventional medicine.



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