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The Association of Master Herbalists
 (AMH) is a professional body of practitioners who promote a form of Natural Healing that includes Herbal Medicine and a blend of Naturopathic techniques such as detoxification, nutrition, hydrotherapy, fasting and other ways to assist the patient back to health.


The Association has from the beginning, had a strong affinity to the North American eclectic school, notably Dr John R Christopher who was the founder of the School of Natural Healing.


In addition to prescribing herbal medicines, practitioners are trained to assist clients to look after themselves through correct nutrition, appropriate exercise, and through other natural healing techniques such as bodywork and the use of water in hydrotherapy.


The Association practitioners understand that they are not only therapist and healer but also teacher and instructor, informing and guiding clients to the fulfillment of their well-being. To this end a wide range of therapeutic means may be indicated, in order to balance, support and cleanse the body, and to stimulate its innate power of self-healing.


The guiding principle in choosing treatment methods is alignment with the laws of Nature, the employment of specifically non-invasive and non-toxic elements, and the full engagement of the client in his or her healing process.



Assurance of standards in Training and Practice


The AMH has historically been closely involved in developing standards within the UK herbal profession since its inauguration in 1995.  Members of the AMH were responsible, together with members of other practitioner associations, for drawing up the first nationally agreed curriculum for herbal practitioner training.


In addition, the AMH Accreditation Board was established in 2013 in order to support and maintain standards of training in the profession and to facilitate entry of new graduates into the Association.


The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) is a fully accredited training institution of the Association of Master Herbalists.



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